Patrol Procedures in the USA

Patrol Procedures in the USA

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Patrol Procedures in the USA provides an engaging view into the world of law enforcement and security. Students will find their learning experience enhanced by the case studies, examples, and resources included in each Module. This text explains in realistic detail many of the activities a police officer or security specialist may face, ranging from routine operations to large-scale emergency situations. Discussions of crowd control and interactions with other agencies all contribute to the student’s understanding of the subject.

Table of Contents

Module 1: Police Agency Structures

Module 2: Applied Skills: Domestic Violence

Module 3: Crowd Control and Chemical Agents

Module 4: Bombs and Explosive Devices

Module 5: Emergency Incidents and Procedures

Module 6: Alcohol-Related Calls and Civil Matters

Module 7: Applied Skills: Communication

Module 8: Medical Issues and Suspect Identification

Module 9: Applied Skills: Use of Force

Module 10: Vehicle Operations

Product Information

Author: Gibson, Johnson, West, and Davis

Publisher: Channel Custom Publishing © 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9830949-9-9

Pages: 416

Media: Paperback


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