Investigating White Collar Crime

Investigating White Collar Crime

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Dealing with the basic issue of what white collar crime is, why it is a proper area for law enforcement efforts, what its impact is on individuals, business, and the general community, white collar crime elements, characteristics, offender motivations, relationships to other crime areas, and remedies, the kinds of organizations and organizational activities which have been found to be required to effectively deal with white collar crime, and factors such as the form of organizational units, interfaces of unit activity within agencies and externally, personnel selection, and the role of intelligence in a white collar crime enforcement effort.

Table of Contents

Chapter One - White Collar Crime Is Crime

Chapter Two - Organization Of Agency Efforts To Combat White Collar Crime

Chapter Three - The Use Of Intelligence In White Collar Crime Enforcement

Chapter Four - Conducting Investigations Of White Collar Crime

Chapter Five - Computers: Tool Of Crime And Investigative Resource

Chapter Six - Evaluation Of A White Collar Crime Effort

Chapter Seven - Training For White Collar Crime Enforcement

Chapter Eight - Review Of Specific White Collar Crimes

Chapter Nine - Sample Guide To Sources Of Information

Bibiography Of White Collar Crime Reference Sources

Product Information

Compiled by Curriculum Technology, 2016

Pages: 370

Media: Paperback

ISBN: 978-1938087301


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