Interview and Interrogation Lab Manual

Interview and Interrogation Lab Manual

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Is police work an art or a science? This is an appropriate question when discussing interview and interrogation techniques, where the art of conversation collides with the science of psychology and persuasive technique. Add in legal and procedural requirements and it can seem very complicated. But, with a common-sense approach, training, and adherence to law and procedure, most officers have the potential to become skilled in this area.

Table of Contents

Interview and Interrogation for Criminal Justice

How to use this book


Interview and Interrogation: An Overview

The Show Up

The Witness

Interview or Interrogation?

The Miranda Warning

Ethical Considerations

Preparation for an Interview or Interrogation

The Interview and Interrogation Process

Deception, Closing, and Reporting



Addendum A - Evaluating Truthfulness

Addendum B - Police Lineups

Addendum C - Study Group on Eyewitness Evidence

Addendum D - Illinois v. Coleman

Addendum E - Miranda Update

Addendum F - Confessions and the Constitution

Addendum G - Exploiting Verbal Markers of Deception Across Ethnic Lines

Addendum H - The Cognitive Interview

Addendum I - The Truth About Lying: What Investigators Need to Know

Addendum J - Child Forensic Interviewing: Best Practices

Product Information

Author: Daniel Byram

Publisher: Channel Custom Publishing © 2017

ISBN: 978-1-938087-19-6

Pages: 220


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