Courtroom Activities for CJ and Paralegal

Courtroom Activities for CJ and Paralegal

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Courtroom Activities for CJ and Paralegal is a dynamic resource that covers the spectrum of legal activity. Each section replicates a real-life situation in order to guide students through the legal process, including hearings, proceedings, trials and appeals. Using prompts and topics relevant to contemporary judicial issues, Courtroom Activities is a compelling and relevant addition to any criminal justice or legal studies class.

The activities in this textbook qualify as lab time and Instructor Lead Activities. The preparation for each activity may be completed as homework with the interactive scenarios played out in the classroom setting. Academic Integration: Bring your CJ and Paralegal students together to coordinate these activities. CT will assist you in mapping the syllabi from both programs to meet the learning outcomes of these activities needed by both disciplines.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents and List of Activities

About the Team

Preface by Shel Silver

Icon Guide

Conducting a Hearing

Evidence Suppression Hearing

Proving Elements of Breaking and Entering

Interpreting “Intent to Kill” Element in Murder

Qualifying and Questioning—Scientific Expert Witness

Preliminary Hearing

Motion in Limine and Motion to Dismiss

Motion Hearing – Summary Judgment

Guilty Plea and Allocution Based Upon Plea Bargain

Presentation of Insanity Defense

Sentencing Hearing

Civil Suit: Negligence

Civil Commitment Hearing

Juvenile Court Waiver Hearing

Child Custody Hearing

Unemployment Benefits Appeal

Condemnation Compensation Appeal

Zoning Waiver Request

Real Property Tax Valuation Appeal

State Department of Environmental Quality: Permit Denial Appeal

Reverse Condemnation

Product Information

Author: Shel Silver © 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9837570-2-3

Pages: 129

Media: Paperback


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