Corrections in the USA, 2nd Edition

Corrections in the USA, 2nd Edition

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Corrections in the USA provides a unique approach to learning about corrections by focusing on procedures and skills rather than theoretical perspectives of corrections. Based on real operational guidelines used in prisons today, the book aids the student in understanding what a correctional officer actually does, and what is expected of correctional officers. Part one of the book focuses on procedural matters and part two focuses on actual skills and equipment used in handling inmates.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Overview Of Corrections

Chapter 2: Professionalism, Ethics And Conduct

Chapter 3: Confidentiality: Media, Records, And Release Of Information

Chapter 4: Training And Development

Chapter 5: Inmate Classification And Management

Chapter 6: Accountability For Inmates

Chapter 7: Inmate Transportation

Chapter 8: Searches

Chapter 9: General Guidelines And Procedures For Parole

Chapter 10: Prison Reform

Chapter 11: Historical Snapshot Of Corrections In The USA


Chapter 12: How Do Handcuffs Work?

Chapter 13: How To Apply Chain-Linked Handcuffs

Chapter 14: How To Apply Hinged Handcuffs

Chapter 15: How To Apply Waist Chains

Chapter 16: How to Apply Leg Irons

Chapter 17: How To Use Double-Cuff Restraints (aka-Flex Cuffs)

Chapter 18: How to Use the Spit Net

Chapter 19: Transportation Basics

Chapter 20: Maintaining Restraints


Product Information
Author: Byram, Simon, Johnson © 2021
Pages: 208
Media: eBook
ISBN (13): 978-1-938087-43-1


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