CJ Investigations in the USA

CJ Investigations in the USA

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Through real-life scenarios and examples, CJ Investigations in the USA offers a detailed look at the roles and responsibilities of investigators across the criminal justice spectrum. Each Module reinforces the importance of the entire investigative process, from initial interviews and interrogation to courtroom testimony. The importance of forensics, public records, on-the-scene photography and interview documentation to both police agents and non-law enforcement personnel is communicated in an in-depth yet accessible fashion.

CJ Investigations is a refreshing, dynamic and effective resource for students seeking a career in criminal justice.

Table of Contents

Module 1: Introduction to Investigations

Module 2: Careers

Module 3: Preliminary Response

Module 4: Advanced Investigations

Module 5: Crime Scenes

Module 6: Interviewing

Module 7: Documentation

Module 8: Forensics

Module 9: Legal Concepts

Module 10: Standards of Proof, Courtroom Procedures, and Testimony


Product Information
Author: Larry Adkisson
Publisher: Channel Custom Publishing © 2011
ISBN (13): 978-­0-­9837570­‐1-­6
Pages: 308

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