CJ in the USA: An Introduction to Criminal Justice 2nd Edition

CJ in the USA: An Introduction to Criminal Justice 2nd Edition

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Few professions provide the excitement, challenge, drama, scientific intrigue, use of cutting edge technology, and benefit to society than those that are a part of the criminal justice industry. What is the criminal justice industry? Is it the police department? Private investigators? Crime or crime lab technicians? Prosecutors, defense counsel, judge and jury? Lawyers? Prison guards and prison administrators? Parole officers? The short answer is that it’s all these people, professions, and organizations, and many more not listed here. These professionals and their effective functioning make it possible for us to live in a safe and lawful society.

Table of Contents

Module 1: The Criminal Justice System

Module 2: The Law

Module 3: The Police

Module 4: The Courts

Module 5: Corrections

Module 6: Juvenile Justice System

Module 7: Private Security & Risk Management

Module 8: Homeland Security & Terrorism

Module 9: Drugs

Module 10: Computers and Crime

Product Information
Author: Shel Silver © 2014
ISBN: 978-1-938087-07-3
Pages: 303
Media: Paperback

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