CJ Communications in the USA, 2nd Edition

CJ Communications in the USA, 2nd Edition

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CJ Communications in the USA fills the much-needed gap in available resources, covering this topic by addressing communications procedures in a realistic and practical way. Students are supported by the insights into the structure and protocol of each communication method, how to format the content as the author, and what to expect in the content if they are the receiver.The text focuses on helping students develop the written, verbal, non-verbal, technical, and tactical communication skills required for careers in today’s criminal justice and security environments.

Table of Contents

Module 1: Verbal Communication Basics

Module 2: Report Writing in Law Enforcement

Module 3: Communication in Law Enforcement

Module 4: Interviews and Interrogations

Module 5: Public Relations in Law Enforcement

Module 6: Radio Communications

Module 7: Courtroom Documents

Module 8: Courtroom Testimony

Module 9: Technology-Based Communication Tools

Module 10: Applied Technology for CJ Communications

Appendix A: Report Writing Activities for Criminal Justice

Product Information
Author: Gibson, Johnson, West, and Davis © 2014
ISBN(13): 978-1-938087-05-9
Pages: 346
Media: Paperback


This title offers the following ancillaries:

  • eLessons
  • PowerPoints
  • Discussion questions
  • Quizzes


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